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By Evan Harmon

KCPD warns Occupy KC to immediately take down all structures

Police officers from the Kansas City Police Department showed up at the Occupy KC camp in Penn Valley Park to inform the Occupiers that all structures, including tents, will no longer be tolerated. Read on…

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Letters to the Editor

Occupy Wall Street needs a message!

Occupy Wall Street needs a message! All I hear from these clueless idiots is that they are apparently pro-camping. Oh, and also something about a civic duty to protest social and economic injustice with rationally and empirically-based critiques of a political system that has caused unprecedented and ethically egregious levels of income inequality and a justice system that has failed to hold the perpetrators of the economic collapse accountable and instead fights for the corporate control of the democratic process rather than acting as a bulwark against it. It’s like, what’s your message people!? Do you idiots even know what you’re protesting?

–N.A. Sayers

Occupy Wall Street won’t shut up about their message!

The thing that irks me the most about those Occupy Wall Street characters is that they won’t shut up about their message! All those facts, figures, and insights are overwhelming, and I’m starting to wonder how long it is going to be before I am forced to believe something I don’t want to believe. I have a right to my own opinion, and when these Occupiers lord their oppressive logic, mountain of evidence, and convincing arguments over me they infringe on my First Amendment rights. And frankly, their constant reminders about the injustice and dysfunction of our political system just plain make me feel bad. What a bunch of downers! It is my sacred right as an American to jam my head so far in the sand that I can see the poor Chinese kids that sweatily stitch my Ed Hardy shirts. Well, wait, not that far. That would make me feel bad too.

–Will Phil Ignorance



By Jeff Johnson

Are we the 99%? Not really. It’s a catchy slogan, and it’s fun to chant, but it’s not accurate. Occupy has been getting a lot of support lately, but on our best day, it’s nothing near 99% support.

Nor do we represent the 99%, as much as we would like to think so. Many of the 99% (for example “the 53 percenters”) are offended when we claim to speak for them.

An Occupy KC sign

Ok, so we are working for the economic betterment of the 99%, right? No, that doesn’t fly either because, assuming that the 1% represents a minimum income of $300,000, then that would mean that the Occupation Movement is working for a person’s benefit if they make $290k, but not if they earn $310k. Arbitrary, isn’t it?

Besides, its not the 1% that have the real power. It’s more like one half of 1%, and arguably it’s even far fewer people than that. Really, it’s the one-tenth of 1%. These percentages don’t roll off the tongue, though.

Accuracy in political branding does matter. A Movement shouldn’t be discredited by its own label. So how about something that refers to us as citizens, and that we are united on the single issue of getting money out of politics. “We are Citizens United!” Oh, darn. That one’s already taken.