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By Evan Harmon

KCPD warns Occupy KC to immediately take down all structures

Police officers from the Kansas City Police Department showed up at the Occupy KC camp in Penn Valley Park to inform the Occupiers that all structures, including tents, will no longer be tolerated. Read on…

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Bill Black yells "Fraud" in a crowded theater.

UMKC Economics Professor William BlackSpeaking to a full house at the UMKC Student Union yesterday, white-collar crime expert William Black made a compelling case against the one-tenth-of-one-percenters.  Black explained how these self-described plutocrats were largely responsible for the mortgage crisis and the ensuing economic meltdown, but that unfortunately, they are not being held accountable for their fraud.

Judging from the audience’s response to his speech, Black was preaching to the converted, which included a substantial number of KC Occupiers.  Occupy KC was one of the co-sponsors of the event.